Glammface Certification of Training at the end of each course.

One on One



  • Open to beginners who are looking to learn basic techniques
  • Focus: skin, prep, foundation, brows, contour, eyes, product knowledge


One on One (MUA) 



  • Open to intermediate students who have taken 2 one on one beginner courses
  • 2 .5 hour intensive training
  • Focus: tools, kit building, identifying undertone, skin type, foundation, brow technique, cream contour, powder contour, eyes, lips, setting


Bridal Class Makeup 



  • Open to glammface certified MUA
  • 3 hour intensive
  • Focus: consultation, natural bridal look, glam bride, lashes, individual lashes, long lasting makeup


Rainbow Class



  • Open to all ranges
  • 2 hours session
  • For all colors of the LGBTQ
  • Focus: emphasizing femininity, building confidence in beard covering/color correcting, foundation, eyes, setting, product knowledge.
  • *Private safe intimate space